2021 GAC Scholarships


The GAC scholarship is open to all students enrolled in a GAC-accredited program, in project/program/portfolio management.

The purpose of the GAC scholarship is to support students who are studying project management, with the objective of using project/program/portfolio management to meet the current and anticipated needs of an organization, thereby increasing awareness of project management and strengthening an organization’s success.

The Global Accreditation Center for PM Education Programs (GAC) is an independent academic accreditation body with policies, procedures and standards for project, program and portfolio management and related programs at the bachelor’s, post graduate and doctoral degree levels.

Two scholarships will be awarded in the amount of US$2000, each. These scholarships are awarded annually. 


Application and Notification

To apply for this scholarship, please complete the application for the GAC scholarshipusing this link. The application opens on 19 August and closes on 10 September. All notifications of application status will be made to the email address provided in the scholarship application. 



  • Applicants must be enrolled in a GAC-accredited programs in project management or a project management related field of study.
  • Undergraduate students must be enrolled and classified by the university as full-time students.
  • Graduate students can be enrolled and classified by the university as at least half-time students and have completed one semester.
  • PMI membership is not required.


Not Eligible

  • Sitting members of the PMI and PMIEF Board of Directors may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process and are ineligible to receive this award. 
  • Current sitting members of PMI’s Academic Insight Team are ineligible.
  • Current PMI staff, consultants and family members are ineligible.
  • Individuals who have failed to comply with PMI policies and procedures, including but not limited to PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, will not be considered.


Application Materials 

  • Transcripts from the applicant’s current GAC-accredited college, or university. Transcripts that have been downloaded, screenshot or printed and scanned directly from the applicant’s college or university website are acceptable for the submission of the scholarship application. However, PMI must receive official transcripts directly from the student’s university before scholarship funds can be released to scholarship recipients.  
  • Curriculum vitae must accompany the application.
  • Two letters of reference must accompany the application.
  • Short Essay—Please explain the importance of project management in your academic studies and as well as your objectives to use project management to meet the current and anticipated needs of an organization, thereby increasing awareness of project management and strengthening an organization’s success (750 word limit).


Selection Process for Academic Scholarships

PMI volunteers will review all applications accompanied by the required supporting materials

Applicants will be scored using a point system based on the quality of the content of the essay, the student’s academic performance, review of the letters of recommendation and the alignment of a candidate’s coursework to the field of project management.

All decisions by the review committee are final, and any attempts by applicants to lobby or persuade the committee during the process will result in immediate disqualification.

*All scholarship finalists are screened against the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) of the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Award Guidelines for Academic Scholarships

To be eligible for scholarship payment, all applicants for academic scholarships must provide written proof of their enrollment in the program for which a scholarship is sought before the funds are released. Proof of enrollment must be sent directly to PMI from the college or university at which the applicant plans to use the scholarship, and generally takes the form of a letter from the registrar’s office. Instructions for submission of proof of enrollment will be provided to successful applicants. Proof of enrollment must document the following:

  • Enrollment in the current academic semester must be documented.
  • Number of credits for which the student is enrolled-must be at least half-time students.
  • Student enrollment status must be included:
    • Undergraduate—full time
    • Graduate—full time or at least half time.
  • Program of study must be identified.

The scholarship is for only one (1) academic year. The academic year for which the scholarship is provided will be identified in the award.

Successful applicants will be awarded only one (1) PMI scholarship, grant or award per academic year. This is inclusive of academic scholarships, professional development scholarships and awards.

Unless specified otherwise, applicants may submit scholarship applications for each calendar year during which they will be attending an accredited institution in a degree-granting program.


Notice of Academic Scholarship

  • Initial notice to scholarship finalists will be sent via email to the address provided on the application.  
  • PMI will require final enrollment verification, educational records and a signature for promotional release. The scholarship is not officially awarded until finalists return the required documents.
  • Final notice of awarded scholarships will be sent to each finalist via email and postal mail, where possible, after completion of the verification process.

Applicants who are awarded an academic scholarship will have three weeks from the date of notification to submit proof of enrollment and tax forms. If documentation is not submitted before the deadline, the scholarship offer will be withdrawn. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis if extenuating circumstances are demonstrated.

The scholarship payment will be made by check and sent on behalf of students who are studying in the U.S. at the university address provided during the verification process; students studying outside of the U.S. will receive the payment by wire transfer or other accommodations.

Amount (USD): US$2,000

Submission Deadline:  opens 19 August 2021 and closes 10 September 2021

Frequency: Annually

Country: Global

Sponsor: PMI-Academics

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