Healing Fractures, Building Bridges

Five megatrends dominate The Project Economy. Here’s how a new ecosystem of changemakers is finding business opportunities with positive social impact.

Fraught with uncertainty, 2020 was a year that tested even the most exceptional organizations. There was no escaping the pandemic and the tremendous toll it took on communities and industries across the globe. But leaders also had to contend with political upheaval, civil rights protests, and stark social inequalities—all while navigating new ways of working. The result? Severe socioeconomic and technological shockwaves that were impossible to escape.

To deepen project leaders’ understanding of the major developments reshaping our world, PMI has identified five megatrends, which all share a common thread: they are exacerbating the endemic exclusion, disruption, and discontent that have crept into our society.

Amid the chaos, executives and project leaders have been forced to make difficult decisions on how to move forward and what projects they pursue (or not). The best of these leaders have used these times as a catalyst for change—delivering solutions at the intersection of multiple megatrends.

The world is only beginning to ponder the postpandemic reality. The changes—and challenges—will be monumental, but the project management community—and all change-makers who can turn ideas into reality—stands ready to help build a better world.

Read the first megatrend: COVID-19