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Pulse of the Profession® 2023:
Power Skills, Redefining Project Success

What are power skills?

Power skills are abilities and behaviors that facilitate working with others. These abilities enable project professionals to succeed in the workplace. They are also referred to as “soft skills” or “interpersonal skills” by some individuals and organizations. 


About the Report

Power skills are being recognized by teams and organizations as critical for the workplace. They are at the heart of leading successful teams, engaging stakeholders and conquering challenges to the project plan. Read this report to learn:

  • Which power skills are most critical to project success. 
  • Why project leaders should understand the value of power skills. 
  • How organizations develop power skills on teams. 
  • Where organizations struggle with assessing power skills. 

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Driving Project Value with Power Skills

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Redefining Project Success:
Key Takeaways

Power skills play a leading role in project success, benefits realization and team agility. Organizations must prioritize these skills through their hiring, training and assessment efforts.

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Top Four Power Skills Every Project Professional Needs

Project leaders and professionals surveyed in the Annual PMI Global Survey on Project Management agree that these power skills are critical for project success.

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Power Up Your Power Skills Self-Assessment

Use this template to assess your daily habits in four of the most important power skills: collaborative leadership, communication, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

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When I first started my career, I wanted to understand how to deliver a project on time, within scope and on budget. The more that I learned about project management and the more I developed my skills, the more I realized that the impact you can have when you combine both those technical and business skills with power skills is much broader.

PMIEF Board of Directors

Ottawa, Canada

Paul Jones headshot

The important thing is people skills: engagement, seeing the bigger picture, understanding strategy and aligning with all of that. They are the things that really matter.

Europe P&PM Community Lead, Fujitsu

London, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions


  • According to the Pulse of the Profession® 2023 report, collaborative leadership, communication, problem-solving and strategic thinking are the four highest-ranked power skills. This is the case regardless of region, industry, years of experience, project management leadership level or Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification status.

  • Organizations that prioritize power skills tend to perform better on multiple key drivers of success such as benefits realization management (BRM) maturity, organizational agility and project management maturity.

  • Power skills is one of the three skill categories of the PMI Talent Triangle. We encourage professionals to develop power skills so they can maintain influence with a variety of stakeholders — a critical component for making change happen. Mastering these various skills helps to differentiate stakeholders and empower them to become influential at any organizational level.

  • Additional power skills project professionals should hone include relationship building, adaptability, innovative mindset, accountability, empathy, discipline, for-purpose orientation, future-focused orientation and leadership.

Level up your performance. Learn about Power Skills, Redefining Project Success

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Four Ways to Hone Your Power Skills — and Advance Your Career

Aspiring project leaders can reinforce their learning and seek leadership opportunities through mentors, self-assessments, volunteering, embracing adaptability and sharing knowledge.

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Need to Know: Emotional Intelligence

Dev Ramcharan, PMP, at TD bank explains the importance of emotional intelligence and how a people-centric mindset can empower teams to embrace innovation and confront change.

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A Journey to Solutions

Having the right information at the right time can make or break a project’s success. But it’s a mistake for project managers to assume they must have all the answers. Instead, they should be ready to help their teams as questions arise.

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Swapna-Yadavalli-and-Manuel-Segura-Perez | Projectified Podcast

Why Project Leaders Need Power Skills

It’s time to lean into the power skills that help project professionals drive success. Projectified guests discuss why power skills are so essential, how they’ve used them to deliver more value and improve their teams’ results and ways to further develop these skills.

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PMI Talent Triangle®

The PMI Talent Triangle® represents the ideal skill sets project professionals must develop to be successful and work smarter in today’s evolving world of project management.

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