Economic Snapshot

Economic Conditions are Mixed

Overall employment decreased sharply compared to Q4 2016 (89% vs. 97%), along with a slight decrease on the percentage of newly hired project managers (46% vs. 48%). The percentage of project managers who were laid off has, for the most part, stayed the same compared to the same period last year (19% vs. 20%).

Further, rescheduled employee professional development activities that were previously cancelled or delayed have decreased compared to Q4 2016 (13% vs. 17%), which could be related to the sharp decrease in overall employment of project managers. However, the percentage of cancelled or delayed employee professional development activities has decreased compared to Q4 2016 (26% vs. 34%).

Conditions relating to projects have improved with scheduled projects that were cancelled or delayed decreasing compared to this time last year (31% vs. 36%). The percentage of projects started that were previously cancelled or delayed remained the same at 19% compared to Q4 2016.

Government Involvement

Projects funded by government stimulus funds remained the same at 14% compared to Q4 of 2016.

Snapshot Trends

The following trending information has been collected from the quarterly PMI economic snapshot research. The most recent results are from Q4 2017.

About the Snapshot

The PMI Economic Snapshot Survey is sent to a random global sample of 2,000 PMI members and certification holders on a quarterly basis.

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