Forging the Future

Evolving With Disruptive Technologies


Rapid advances in digital technology are fundamentally redefining our world. To build their future, organizations must be willing to actively interrupt their status quo. However, organizations that achieved significantly higher success with transformation projects (meaning 75% or more of the projects realized their intended benefits) cite involvement of the project management function as one of the top contributors to success.

These numbers represent a disconnect between strategy and execution—one that the enterprise project delivery authority, sometimes functioning as a project management office (PMO), can help close. But first, it will have to evolve.

This change-ready, forward-looking, next-generation PMO will:

  • Enable the new skills needed to operate in a digital world
  • Support the agility needed to work at multiple speeds across the organization
  • Be unafraid to experiment with new, innovative ways of working
  • Reinvent itself as an agent of organizational change and transformation, focused on translating strategy to business outcomes, delivered through projects
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