The Next Generation PMO


The massive ripple effect of disruptive technologies is proving to be a powerful catalyst in accelerating how PMOs adapt to new methods of value delivery and assert their relevance. High-performing PMOs are embracing the disruption—reimagining their mission with a keen eye on bridging the costly gap between strategy design and delivery. 

And they’re already reaping the benefits: 66% of stakeholders at high-performing organizations say they fully or mostly understand the potential value a PMO that has (or can) become more strategic in its roles and contributions brings to the organization.

High-performing PMOs tend to:

  • Closely align their work with the organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Lead (or play a significant role in) the implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Fulfill important change management functions
  • Adapt and adopt new skills

These high performers are leading the way in designing the next generation PMO.

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