PMBOK® Guide and Standards

Achieve Excellence

PMI provides resources and global standards as a foundation for the profession.

PMI global standards provide guidelines, rules and characteristics for project, program and portfolio management. These standards are widely accepted. When consistently applied, they help you and your organization achieve professional excellence.

Foundational Standards

PMBok Guide 6th Edition

The PMBOK® Guide and PMI global standards continually and accurately reflect the evolving profession. Extensions to the PMBOK® Guide apply the guidance found in the PMBOK® Guide to specific types of projects, meant to be used in conjunction with the PMBOK® Guide.

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Practice Standards & Frameworks

Practice standards describe the use of a tool, technique or process identified in the PMBOK® Guide or other foundational standards.
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Practice Guides

Practice guides provide supporting information and instruction to help you apply PMI standards. Practice guides may become potential standards and if so, would undergo the process for development of full consensus standards.
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Lexicon of Project Management Terms

The lexicon provides a standardized set of frequently used project, program and portfolio management terms with clear and concise definitions to improve understanding and consistent use of terminology.
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About Standards

Find out more about PMI standards, how they are developed and how you can get involved. Discover how PMI supports the success of international standards activities.
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