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The Standards Evolution

The PMBOK® Guide—our flagship publication, now in its seventh edition—has evolved to meet your needs.

Practice standards describe the use of a tool, technique or process identified in the PMBOK® Guide or other foundational standards.

  • Project Estimating Second Edition

    Practice Standard for Project Estimating - Second Edition member content locked

    The Practice Standard for Project Estimating – Second Edition focuses on providing models for the project management profession in both plan-driven and change-driven adaptive (agile) life cycles.

  • Practice Standard for Scheduling

    Practice Standard for Scheduling - Third Edition member content locked

    Effective project scheduling and time management are critical factors in the success or failure of a particular project. The Practice Standard for Scheduling transforms chapter six of the…

  • Work Breakdown Structures Third Edition

    Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures – Third Edition member content locked

    An essential tool for project planning, a work breakdown structure organizes a project’s total scope to help practitioners track projects across disciplines and project life cycles.

  • Risk Management Practice, Programs, and Projects

    The Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs, and Projects member content locked

    This standard focuses on the “what” of risk management, including: core principles; fundamentals; and life cycle.

  • project configuration management

    Practice Standard for Project Configuration Management member content locked

    Project configuration management (PCM) is the collective body of processes, activities, tools and methods project practitioners can use to manage items during the project life cycle. PCM addresses…

  • Project Manager Competency Development

    Project Manager Competency Development Framework – Third Edition member content locked

    This framework standard identifies ways to improve the personal competencies you need to be successful. Increase your capacity for personal growth with guidance for refining the three areas of…

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