Project Management Fiction Books for Youth

The books below introduce the basics of project management using a range of fun, kid-friendly projects.

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The Ultimate Tree House Project: Project Kids Adventure #1 introduces basic Project Management Concepts through an entertaining, funny story taught to one of the children by her father who is (of course) a project manager.

The Scariest Haunted House Project Ever: Project Kids Adventure #2 follows the 1st adventure. The children use their prior PM knowledge to build the scariest haunted house ever – complete with zombies, vampires, ghosts and goblins. The children learn to be resourceful and to balance time, cost and scope as they work towards their first hard deadline: Halloween.

The Amazing Science Fair Project: Project Kids Adventure #3 finds the children utilizing their growing PM skills on two distinctly different projects - a Scout camp, and a school Science Fair class project. This book introduces additional PM skills, while walking the reader through the essential elements of a successful science fair project.

The Valentine’s Day Project Disaster: Project Kids Adventure #4 builds on the children’s prior PM skills as they battle against the odds to deliver the school Valentine’s Day dance. This is a soft skills ‘relationship’ book, as the children learn to manage stakeholders, how to influence others and communicate effectively - and persuasively - with an entire (and reluctant!) school.

The Easter Bully Transformation Project: Project Kids Adventure #5 finds the kids tackling several interrelated projects at once. While carefully investigating the reasons behind Pimple Pete's bullying behavior, they find themselves engaged in a cause that extends well beyond the school and their community.

The Great Creek Rescue Project: Project Kids Adventure #6 finds the kids struggling to understand RISK, after the new kid had an accident in the creek behind the forest. The children also engage two entire schools in an environmental project to rescue the local creek and restore a fish-spawning habitat.

About the Author: Gary M. Nelson, PMP is a project manager and father of 3 boys and has worked on projects since 1989. 


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