PMP® Exam Change is Moving to January 2021

The last day for candidates to take the current version of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam is now 31 December, 2020. Starting 2 January 2021, the PMP® exam will reflect the new exam content. If you have any questions about how this date change may affect you, please contact Customer Care. We are beginning to share the next steps with PMP candidates directly, but you can find more information about the online exam experience, how candidates can schedule, and FAQS.

New! Online Proctored Testing for PMP Exam

PMP candidates can now schedule to take their PMP exam online from the convenience of their home or office! Online proctored testing (OPT) is an important step in helping members and certification candidates invest in their professional development during these uncertain times.

New! Built-In 10-Minute Break During PMP Exam

Both the OPT and center-based testing PMP exams will now have a built-in 10-minute break. We added the break to ensure candidates could leave the room to use the restroom or address other needs during the four-hour exam. Here’s how it works:

  • The exam is now divided into two parts. Once candidates complete the first part of the exam, review their answers, and submit it their break starts.
  • The break is not mandatory. Candidates can break for up to 10 minutes, or they can choose to continue to the second part of the exam immediately after submitting the first part.
  • During the break, they can leave the room, but once the break begins, they CANNOT revisit questions from the first part of the exam.
  • Candidates must keep track of their break. If they do not return at the end of the maximum 10 minutes, the exam session will be terminated.
  • At the end of the break, candidates will be checked in by their proctor and will finish the second and final part of the exam.

We encourage you to share this with your networks as they may affect candidates' exam taking strategy.

Exam Updates

Every 3-5 years we conduct research to understand how the profession has progressed, the impact of emerging trends, and how the responsibilities of project managers have changed. The last round of this research was conducted in 2015 and resulted in the current PMP exam content outline.

Subject matter experts from leading organizations around the world have helped us define the PMP of the future. As this effort advances, we will keep you informed on key outcomes and help you prepare for the upcoming changes to the PMP.

The NEW PMP Exam Content Outline provides the framework of what you can expect on the PMP Exam beginning 2 January 2021.

PMP Exam Content Crossover Map

The PMP Exam Content Crossover Map will help you identify areas of content to update your PMP Exam Prep Course so it is aligned to the 2020 Exam Content Outline (ECO). This document is only a guideline to identify what possible content from your old course you may want to repurpose. 

Please use the following exam content outlines in conjunction with the crossover document to identify content:

  1. Current PMP Exam Content Outline
  2. Exam Content Outline for 2 January 2021
  3. 2020 PMP Exam Content Crossover Map

Important Dates

New PMP Exam Content Outline

31 December 2020
Last Day to Take Current Version of PMP Exam

2 January 2021
First Day to Take New Version of PMP Exam