Disciplined Agile

Help Your Members Choose Their WoW

Different situations call for different Ways of Working (WoW). And, when it comes to "being agile" it's easy to feel restricted by an agile framework.

We launched the Basics of Disciplined Agile Online Course to help you find the right agile approach for the right situation. It goes beyond prescriptive agile frameworks and borrows thinking from different agile approaches. With Disciplined Agile you don’t have to start over. Start where you are, and improve your agile approach as you go.

Why Disciplined Agile Is Important for Your Members

Agile practitioners are looking for ways to master agile and Disciplined Agile can help. It will help you choose your WoW - for your team, for your situation. 

Disciplined Agile offers a great way to attract new members who are interested in agile or need new help making agile more successful in their organizations. Especially now, when organizations around the world are seeking ways to go agile.

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Basics of Disciplined Agile Online Course: Save 15% Until 30 September 

Learn how to choose the right agile solution for your situation and move beyond prescriptive frameworks. Learn from home, on your schedule, anytime.

Free Introduction: Basics of Disciplined Agile™ Online Course

Get a glimpse of what you’ll learn in the full Basics of Disciplined Agile Online Course—and how it can help you, your team and your organization.

Look back for more offerings soon. 

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What is a DA Chapter Champion?

DA Chapter Champions are PMI Chapter volunteers that serve as a primary link between the PMI Chapter and the Disciplined Agile initiative.

To find out who your DA Chapter Champion is or to become one, contact your Chapter Board or Chapter President.