Project Management Institute

James R. Snyder

James R. Snyder

PMI Fellow, 1982

Mr. Snyder is a founder of the Project Management Institute, Fellow of the Institute, volunteer executive director for 13 years, first president, and past chair of the Board. He continues to be an active participant in the activities of the Institute. He was been awarded the PMI Person of the Year Award and is an Honorary Life Member of the Institute. He received the 2010 James J. O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award from the PMI College of Scheduling. Mr. Snyder is a founding member of the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter(DVC), the former PMI Pharmaceuticals Specific Interest Group, and the former PMI College of Scheduling. As a member of the PMI Global Project Action Team (1999 – 2000), he worked to help structure the Institute to meet the challenges of 2000 and beyond. He served as a member of the Publications Board of the Institute. The James R. Snyder Knowledge and Wisdom Center at PMI Global Operations Center is named in his honor. He has served as a member of the PMI Educational Foundation Board of Directors and in January of 2006 he was recognized as Chairman Emeritus of the Educational Foundation. The PMIEF Student Paper Award is name in his honor. Mr. Snyder served as PMI’s project manager for the construction of the first PMI World Headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. The building was completed and occupied on schedule and on budget. He was also the project manager for the second office building constructed in mid 2000 and occupied in January 2001. He headed the PMI-DVC project to teach project management to selected Philadelphia and other area high school students. He has developed, and is leading, programs to implement project management programs in K-12 using project learning techniques to teach 21st century skills and project management. Mr. Snyder is now serving as advisor and administrator to the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter


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