PMI Project Management Journal® Paper of the Year Award

  • 2021


    • The Role of Social Media in Intrastakeholder Strategies to Influence Decision Making in a UK Infrastructure Megaproject: Crossrail2

      by Sunila Lobo and Agha Farhan Abid

  • 2020


    • How Digital Information Transforms Project Delivery Models

      by Professor Jennifer Whyte

  • 2019


    • Coordinating Knowledge Work in Multiteam Programs: Findings From a Large-Scale Agile Development Program

      By Torgeir Dingsøyr, PhD, Nils Brede Moe, PhD, and Eva Amdahl Seim, PhD

  • 2018


    • The Multivocality of Symbols: A Longitudinal Study of the Symbolic Dimensions of the High-Speed Train Megaproject (1995-2015)

      By Prof. Dr. Alfons H. van Marrewijk (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • 2017


    • Floating in Space? On the Strangeness of Exploratory Projects

      By Sylvain Lenfle, PhD

    • The Projectification of Everything: Projects as a Human Condition

      By Anders Jensen, PhD, Christian Thuesen, PhD, and Joana Geraldi, PhD

  • 2016


    • Breakthrough R&D Stakeholders: The Challenges of Legitimacy in Highly Uncertain Projects

      by Cédric Dalmasso and Sophie Hooge, PhD

  • 2015


    • What You Should Know About Megaprojects and Why: An Overview

      April 2014

      by Bent Flyvbjerg, PhD

  • 2014


    • Managing Risks in Complex Projects

      April 2013

      by Hans Thamhain, PhD, PMP

  • 2013


    • Sustainable Development in the Building Sector: A Canadian Case Study on the Alignment of Strategic and Tactical Management

      April 2012

      by Benjamin Herazo, Gonzalo Lizarralde, Raymond Paquin

  • 2012


    • Knowledge Transformation in Project Networks: A Speech Act Level Cross-Boundary Analysis

      by Pauli Alin, John E. Taylor, and Riitta Smeds

  • 2011


    • Mastering Complexity and Changes in Projects, Economy, and Society via Project Management Second Order (PM-2)

      December 2010

      by Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Saynisch

  • 2010


    • Project Management Systems: Moving Project Management From an Operational to a Strategic Discipline

      by Terence J. Cooke-Davies, PhD, Lynn H. Crawford, DBA, MTCP, and Thomas G. Lechler, PhD

  • 2009


    • Project Portfolio Control and Portfolio Management Performance in Different Contexts

      by Ralf Müller, DBA, MBA, PMP; Tomas Blomquist, PhD; and Miia Maarit Martinsuo, D.Sc. (Tech.)

  • 2008


    • Managing Knowledge and Learning in IT Projects: A Conceptual Framework and Guidelines

      by Blaize Horner Reich, PhD