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The Faces of Project Management

Evrard Spencer

I was introduced to project management early in my career as an IT professional. I found project management to provide an edge in running my own technology services business. Now, I am a member of the 2016 PMI® Leadership Institute Master Class where I collaborate with an international, diverse group of high-caliber project management professionals in exploring and influencing the project management field on the job and as volunteers on PMI chapter boards.

United States

Ivan Rincon

As a project management professional working in a world-class research institution, I use PMI’s standards and practice guides to provide value to our many stakeholders in highly innovative and complex projects. Scientists, governments, and the general public look at our products and services and wonder how we do it: applying sound project management practices is key to our success.


Nguyen Si Trieu Chau

I teach courses that help professionals to earn PMI certifications. I also consult and run projects based on the methodology that I learned from PMI and it works well (scheduling management and agile). Continuous learning from the best practices around the world (through PMI standards and guidelines) helps my projects run well and makes my customers happy.


Cristian Soto

I conduct project management simulations as workshops and also give courses and consulting about effective questions in project management critical points. Collaborating with PMI chapters in my region, I find ways to show people (mainly young professionals) all the benefits of building a project management career and getting involved with volunteer opportunities.


Gamze Karayaz

Creating an agile learning environment for students studying both technical and non-technical degrees who know nothing about project management is significantly more challenging than other courses I teach. I invite experienced project managers from PMI chapters all over the world to speak to my students to improve their understanding and learning. It is amazing to see interdisciplinary teams create a world of opportunities in learning for future project managers.


Thomas Old

Working with a major university MBA program, I teach project management. We use many tools and articles from PMI to build our course syllabus and program. We find that the students see project management as the framework to leverage their MBA skills for their careers.

United States

Kelly Evans

As a project manager in the field of information technology, and with my chapter volunteer efforts, I have found the most value in developing trusting and authentic relationships. This involves active listening to fully understand the challenges. Developing a relationship early means my team knows I support their efforts and will be there to clear barriers whenever they arise.

United States