PMI Project Management Ready

Helping Students Show They Are Ready to Manage Projects

The PMI Project Management Ready is our newest certification and introduces high school and post-secondary students to the concepts and skillsets of project management.

The PMI Project Management Ready certification presents the tools needed to apply this knowledge to a wide range of career paths, and to the student’s day to day activities.

Developing project management skills will serve students throughout their lives. The PMI Project Management Ready certification is a way for students to immerse themselves in the project management industry and connect with this passionate community of professionals.

The PMI Project Management Ready introduces learners to:

  • Project Management Fundamentals and Core Concepts
  • Traditional Plan-Based Methodologies
  • Agile Frameworks/Methodologies
  • Business Analyst Frameworks

The PMI Project Management Ready is aligned with Certiport’s  “Learn, Practice, Certify” model. Courseware, practice tests and the certification exam will be offered through Certiport. The courseware and certification exam are now available, and practice tests will be coming soon. Learn more about Certiport.

If you are an individual or a school/test center and you are interested in obtaining pricing details about the Project Management Ready certification, practice tests, or learning materials; please fill out the Certiport form.

Are You Ready?


  • Read at a seventh grade level
  • Possess fundamental computer literacy 
  • Be able to participate in training and take exams

Important Dates

  • Coming Soon: Practice Tests


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