Introducing PMI 4.0

Introducing PMI 4.0

Our shared goal is to amplify our purpose and increase our positive impact on the world. Global megatrends, such as the climate crisis, COVID-19 pandemic, civil, civic and equality movements are dramatically reshaping our world, leading to a proliferation of projects and magnifying the need for project management skills by all changemakers. As the leader in project management, the aim of PMI is to empower people to make ideas a reality.  

PMI 4.0 is a growth strategy to address the PM needs of changemakers. Changemakers are individuals that proactively drive change and transformational efforts for businesses, people and society overall.

PMI previously focused on serving the project professionals, and it will continue to serve them. But now, the focus of PMI is shifting to include a global community of changemakers. Changemakers tackle diverse global challenges and require a broad skillset with foundations in PM. They include project professionals, youth, students, entrepreneurs, etc., aged 5 to 75. PMI aims to empower them all through new programs and products that will equip them with the skills they need to tackle the challenges they are facing.

The expanded product portfolio will include the traditional offerings but also new areas. It will more directly address the needs of youth and changemakers through targeted offerings and experiences. The expanded product portfolio shall provide opportunities to gain tailored skillsets.

By expanding the stakeholder universe and the product portfolio, PMI aims to increase its impact on the world by 10x by 2025.

Strategic Focus Areas

PMI 4.0 is defined by four core strategic focus areas:

  1. Extended communities

    PMI aims to strengthen its existing communities, expand outreach to external communities, and develop new specialized communities within PMI to broaden and deepen engagement.

  2. Coalition of associations

    PMI aims to develop partnerships with complementary organizations to provide modular offerings to meet the needs of project professionals and changemakers throughout their career lifecycle.

  3. Social Impact

    Social Impact is fundamentally about change. PMI empowers changemakers not just for business – but for the broader good.

  4. Organizational (B2B) advocacy, individual (B2C) enablement

    Employers will better understand the impact of the project professionals and changemakers they employ and help them gain new skills.

Each of the above areas is a system for scaling that represents the new ways PMI plans to move forward and scale. It is how PMI aims to broaden its reach, expand its impact and build lasting relationships. These systems for scaling allows PMI to scale its business and reach the broader changemaker audience across global markets.

Benefits for Chapters and Volunteers

PMI 4.0 will bring numerous benefits to the Chapters and volunteers. These include:

  • Improved relevance as a Project Management Professional
    • Re-skill/up-skill to elevate your professional skillset;
    • Share your expertise in new ways of working through new Expert Volunteer roles;
    • Broaden what is considered PM skills to elevate the value of the profession.
  • New and expanded engagement opportunities
    • Broader changemaker reach means chapters and the number of volunteers should grow;
    • DE&I, youth strategies and coalition partnerships will attract volunteers from beyond the PMI community;
    • “Upskilling” volunteer opportunities will extend beyond leadership development to “learning while working”.
  • Increased personal impact
    • Reach broader audiences of global changemakers of all ages;
    • Use new skills to improve project outcomes and tackle new types of projects;
    • Take on new volunteer opportunities to impact the audiences of the Coalition of Associations.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!

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