PMP Certifications FAQ

PMI was created to advance the practice of project management so that organizations could improve project outcomes. To achieve this objective PMI has created a series of certifications to demonstrate a professional’s understanding of acknowledged best practices.

PMI continues to evolve its products to meet the changing needs of society and the industries that power growth. The organization’s new Disciplined Agile certification product line is an example of how the organization is responding to the needs of the marketplace.

Visit the PMI web site to learn more about all the types of certifications PMI offers.

The Washington DC chapter of PMI acknowledges that our members are committed to effective project execution. In the course of our work our members will encounter other project delivery certifications. The chapter is dedicated to assisting our members to understanding the differences in managing project execution so that our members can chart their own professional growth path.

Where do I Start?

Where do I get certified?

  • The PMP certification is obtained by qualifying for, applying to sit to take, once approved then taking, and finally passing an exam.

What qualifies me to take the exam?

Where can I take the exam?

  • PMI is changing how applicants can take the exam. When PMI lets you konw that your application has been approved you may take the exam at a local testing center or take the exam online. Visit PMI for additional information.
  • PMI performs audits on randomly selected pool of applicants. If your application is audited, it usually takes about a week of time to get through the audit process.

How should I prepare for the exam?