AI @ Work: New Projects, New Thinking


Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just changing the types of projects being delivered. It’s also changing how projects are managed. Our Pulse research reveals that project leaders are already tapping into AI technologies, such as robotic process automation and anti-bias solutions, to boost project productivity and quality. 

In today’s increasingly projectified economy, the most forward-thinking organizations know that the success of their strategies hinges on how well they can execute projects. And the race toward AI mastery is no exception.

While a majority of respondents say their project management skills and experience are a good starting place when it comes to managing AI, it’s the Innovators—those project leaders with a higher project management technology quotient, or PMTQ—that have upper hand. 

Seventy-four percent say they’re confident their current skill set enables them to work with AI, compared to 51 percent of Laggards. At the same time, Innovators report having more awareness and experience with several AI technologies, including knowledge-based systems, decision management, speech recognition and expert systems.  

Having a firm grasp on the power of AI—and the skills and knowledge necessary to embrace it—will give project leaders an edge now and in the future.

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