AI Innovators: Cracking the Code on Project Performance


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are prompting a seismic shift in how work gets done, according to new Pulse of the Profession® data: 81 percent of respondents report their organization is being impacted by AI technologies.

The rise of AI is sparking a shift in how projects are managed. Pulse data found that over the next three years, project professionals expect the portion of projects they manage using AI to jump from 23 to 37 percent.

Yet turning AI strategy into reality will require more than just mastering machine learning or knowledge-based systems. It takes Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ)—with organizations and their project leaders managing AI technologies based on the needs at hand.

To unlock the true value of AI, organizations will need collaboration between humans and machines. Research by Accenture finds the most visionary organizations apply five key principles—called MELDS—to their AI investments in order to achieve success.

According to our Pulse data, organizations that embrace all of these principles are more likely to establish an organizational infrastructure that leads to project success.

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