Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Decision Making

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Decision making is increasingly challenging in the complex global business environment. Yet it is vitally important.

Our research has found that 47 percent of unsuccessful projects are impacted by poor decision making.

The most successful organizations are those that:

Embed a culture that enables an effective decision-making process

Provide the right support and information to those making project and program decisions

Establish and follow a transparent process to support effective decision making.

Organizations good at fostering a culture of transparency, making sure the people have access to the right information when they have to make a decision, and managing risk in the decision-making process see 80 percent of their project meet their goals. That compares to 45 percent for organizations struggling with these factors.

Read more about organizations that support effective decision making and how they do it. Discover ways to improve the path to decision making at your organization.

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