Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Organizational Agility

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Successful organizations can pivot and implement quickly to achieve competitive advantage. Our Pulse of the Profession® research finds the most important characteristics of an agile organization are flexibility and adaptability, open communication, openness to change, empowered team members, experiential learning, rapid decision making, and a strong customer focus.

In today’s market, a solid framework of several elements is core to organizational agility:

  • Supportive culture
  • Strategic flexibility
  • Collective leadership
  • Capable people
  • Adaptive processes

Organizations with highly developed cultures of organizational agility see 78 percent of their projects meet goals, as opposed to 56 percent for those without such cultures.

Whether we call it flexibility, transformation, or agility, we mean being able to respond quickly to changing market conditions to effect strategic change. Is your organization already there? If not, download the report to learn more.

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