Enabling Organizational Change Through Strategic Initiatives

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Projects and programs by their very nature create change. To successfully implement organizational strategy, companies need project and program managers with the skills to drive and navigate change.

Organizations that manage change effectively will stay ahead of the competition.The reality is only 18 percent of companies are effective change enablers.

Change enablers incorporate these practices:

  • Having well-defined milestones and metrics
  • Having senior management committed to change
  • Establishing and communicating concrete ownership and accountability
  • Using standardized project management practices
  • Having engaged executive sponsors

Survey data from this report reveals that 65 percent of effective change enablers’ strategic initiatives meet original goals, compared to 31 percent for organizations not as good at change management.

Help your organization to create more efficient, effective change management, and develop competencies to implement and sustain change successfully. Download the report to learn more.

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