The Essential Role of Communications

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Communications is a core competency connecting project team members to a common set of strategies, goals and actions. Our Pulse of the Profession® research finds that effective communications to all stakeholders is the most crucial success factor. Further research indicates 56 percent of dollars spent on projects are at risk due to ineffective communications.

Strategies from this report to improve communications include:

  • Close the communications gap around business benefits
  • Tailor communications to different stakeholder groups
  • Acknowledge the value of project management, including project management communications
  • Use standardized project communications practices, and use them effectively

The research behind this report indicates highly effective communicators are more than five times likely to be high-performing organizations than minimally effective communications (38 percent versus 7 percent).

Download the report for more insight on communication challenges faced by organizations and solutions that can improve the success rate on projects and initiatives.

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Part of Pulse of the Profession®, The High Cost of Low Performance 2013 series