Beyond the Project: Sustain benefits to optimize business value


Do the outcomes and outputs of your projects continue to produce value after the projects have ended and the ongoing work has transitioned to the business unit? This in-depth report from Pulse of the Profession® explores benefits sustainment, the post-project phase of benefits realization management (BRM).

The work after the project is just as vital as the work during the project. It requires the same attention, including leadership support, as project-level activity. It also requires a commitment to recognize and respond to any problems that interfere with benefits realization.

Organizations that implement BRM — from benefits identification to project execution to benefits sustainment — approach it as a discipline.

BRM requires tools and resources; cross-functional teams and leadership; and a commitment to monitoring and measuring whether an organization is on track to achieve the intended benefits and realize the highest possible return on its investment. Organizations that invest in BRM:

  • Waste significantly less money due to poor performance; specifically, US$112 million less for every US$1 billion invested in projects and programs
  • Achieve better project performance and realize the expected benefits at higher rates; on average, 50 percent more of their projects meet original goals and business intent

Read about the activities and the value of benefits realization management.

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