Tomorrow’s Teams Today

Tomorrow's Teams Today

Projects are now primary to how organizations solve problems. And as the nature of work changes, so too must the structure and dynamics of teams. PMI research shows managing changing priorities is the biggest project delivery challenge—accelerating the need for more risk-resilient, fail-fast teams capable of gracefully pivoting when customer demands shift.

Leaders at future-focused organizations understand roles and responsibilities must also flex: Half of all project professionals are involved in cross-functional project-based work, according to PMI research.

Today’s project teams are moving far beyond a rote focus on time, budget and scope. In research conducted for this in-depth report, project professionals rank collaborative leadership and empathy for the voice of the customer as the most essential skills.

At a time of unprecedented change and complexity, organizations are reimagining how problems are solved and work gets done. Fast and flexible is the name of the game for teams in The Project Economy. And that takes agile, change-ready teams, led with a deep commitment to collaboration, empathy and innovation.

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