Why Social Impact Matters

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Projects have the power to make a better world. And as the world navigates its way through pandemic-driven uncertainty, the need for projects that deliver positive social impact is more urgent than ever. Project leaders appear ready for action: According to Pulse of the Profession® research, 8 in 10 project professionals cite social impact as a personal concern, and 87 percent say it’s a concern for their organization.

But simply wanting to do good is not enough. The challenge lies in finding a way to bake the concept of positive social impact into all projects—not just the ones that fall under “corporate social responsibility.”

Despite the buzz around social impact, project leaders face a tough sell. Almost 40 percent of Pulse respondents reported major barriers to improving their social impact at their organizations—ranging from a lack of financial resources to a lack of organizational commitment. But there are signs of change. Pulse research reveals 64 percent of respondents say their organization’s approach to social impact has improved over the past three years.

By examining the social impact of projects from the start, companies gain a competitive edge, delivering benefits across the enterprise—and the world at large.

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