Supporting the Centre of Learning and Development Organization

Centre of Learning and Development

PMWB volunteer Jamal El Ali partnered with the Centre of Learning and Development (CL&D), a non-profit community-based literacy organization in Toronto, Canada which focuses on leadership development, immigrant integration, civic engagement, skill development, and supporting startup social enterprises.

Working on diverse projects, Jamal applied and expanded his project management skills in real-world scenarios from managing fundraising efforts to setting up virtual social change hubs. The combination of professional growth and community contribution makes volunteering with PMWB a profoundly rewarding experience.

“Working for non-profit is a totally new experience for requires different approaches and styles of communication and stakeholder engagement and a very customized way to manage projects. I support CL&D in developing their strategy to manage specific projects and use the opportunity to educate them on the principles of project management methodology.”
— Jamal El Ali

Would Jamal recommend becoming a PMWB volunteer? Absolutely. “PMWB provides a platform for me to make a tangible difference in the lives of others, and that’s why I keep coming back.”

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