Project Management Training for Your Organization

According to PMI's Value of Project Management research study, organizations that offer training in project management are more efficient and better equipped for the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment than those that don't. After all, it's people who manage your projects. Even if your organization's established processes have been refined over the years, it's up to your employees to follow and further improve them.

There are two general directions you can take to establish a successful training program: you can establish and grow your in-house project management training, or hire a company that specializes in training project professionals.

In-house PM training program

If you already have an in-house training program, we can help you strengthen it. You can align your existing offerings with PMI's standards by becoming a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).

The PMI R.E.P. designation shows that your organization keeps abreast of the latest developments in project management, and that it has met PMI's rigorous quality standards. It also ensures that PMI will accept the professional development units your employees receive after going through your in-house training courses toward PMI credential holders' continuing certification requirements.

Furthermore, it gives your clients additional confidence in your organization's processes and people, and will help your employee retention. When employees feel that their company invests in their professional development, they deliver better results.

Learn more about the benefits and process of becoming a PMI R.E.P.

Get providers to bid on your project management training needs

There are over 1,300 PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s) approved by PMI to offer project management training. These companies and universities underwent assessment by the PMI R.E.P. quality reviewers, and met the rigorous requirements for quality training in project management.

PMI's R.E.P. Program benchmarking study, which was completed in March, 2010, indicates that an estimated 80 percent of organizations strongly prefer to use only PMI Registered Education Providers for their project management training needs.

We made it easy for your organization to access our network of R.E.P.s and have them bid on your global training needs. Simply send a request for proposal (RFP) to with "RFP Program" in the subject line, and individual providers will respond directly to you with their proposals.

Typical RFPs include a request to hold a pre-existing course at your office or a request for training that meets your organization's specific needs. Requests for consulting services also may be included, but PMI makes no endorsements or warranties with regard to consulting services.

Suggested content of the RFP is:

  • Contact information - name, e-mail address, company name, telephone and fax numbers
  • Scope of work - describe learning objectives and topics to be covered
  • Demographics/Geographics - the number of people, location (on-site, distance learning, etc.), language, desired length of class (days)
  • Specific industry area - the characteristics of the target audience (novice, advanced, mixed audience, etc.)
  • A closing date - the end date for receiving proposals

PMI Regeistered Eduction ProviderFeel free to attach a Microsoft Word document to the RFP e-mail outlining more specific needs.

Note: The R.E.P. RFP Referral Program is not intended as a recommendation of any particular service or product of any of the companies listed. PMI makes no warranty or representation hereby as to the suitability of any products or services for any particular site user or otherwise.