Get Involved

Project management isn’t just about projects — it’s about people, too, which is why it’s important to get involved with PMI. Join a chapter or community of practice, or volunteer your time at a PMI event, and increase your opportunities for leadership, collaboration and networking.

Break away from your project and reap the personal and professional rewards that come when you get involved.

Volunteering with us is easier than ever!

Create your volunteer profile and search for volunteer opportunities in the Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS). For more information on the VRMS, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Go to the Volunteer Relationship Management System

Gain Recognition from your PMI Volunteer Work

Recognition is one of several things you gain as a volunteer giving back to the profession. According to volunteers speaking on this video, PMI recognizes, supports and leverages its volunteers better than any other organization. This level of recognition has helped PMI and all of its volunteers be successful.


Join a PMI chapter and community of practice

One of the great benefits of PMI membership is the opportunities to connect with your peers. Join your local PMI chapter and engage face-to-face with members for educational and networking events. Or join one or more communities of practice and collaborate virtually with project practitioners worldwide.