PMI Distinguished Contribution Award

A PMI Distinguished Contribution Award is to recognize and honor a particularly significant achievement for sustained performance by an individual who contributes to the advancement of the project manage profession or the Project Management Institute (PMI).


  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to the profession or PMI that expands or advances project management.
  • The nominee does not have to be a PMI member.
  • The nominee may work in any field, such as business, government, nonprofit, academia, research, consulting, training, etc.

Not Eligible

  • Current PMI staff, contractors and/or consultants are not eligible for this award projects
  • Acts performed under contract to PMI, directly or indirectly, will not be considered
  • Sitting members of PMIs Board of Directors may not participate in the nomination or evaluation process of this award, nor are members of the Board eligible to receive this award.
  • Individuals or organizations that have failed to comply with PMI policies and procedures, including but not limited to PMI's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

For More Information

Detailed information on this award’s criteria, nomination procedures and nomination requirements will be available 1 November when the 2014 Nominations forms and resource links will be activated. Click on our frequently asked questions for more information.

Previous Recipients of the PMI Distinguished Contribution Award

2012: John H. Cable, RA, PMP; Agnieszka Maria Gasperini, PMP; Gary M. Hamilton, PMP, PgMP; Pablo Lledó, MSc, MBA, PMP;

2011: Lee F. Cheshire, PMP; Jose Conrado Morlan Medina, MBA, PMP, PgMP; Americo Pinto, MBA, PMP

2010: Alfonso Bucero, CSE, MSc, PMP; Jeffrey G. Hodgkinson, PgMP, PMP, PMI-RMP; Prasad Kodukula, PhD, PgMP, PMP; Aji Rajappan, PMP; Carol Walters

2009: Lung-Hung Roger Chou, MCT, EMBA, PgMP; Larry Goldsmith, MBA, CSM, PMP; Timothy A. MacFadyen MBA, MPM, PMP; Beth Ouellette, MBA, PMP, PgMP; Mark Paden, BEng, MAPM, MSP; Frank R. Parth, MS, MBA, PMP; Cynthia Snyder Stackpole, MBA, PMP; Doug Treasure, BAppSc (Comp), MMT, PMP

2008: Tim Bueter, PMP; John Makaran

2007: Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin; Miguel Saenz de Viguera, PMP; Dorothy J. Tiffany, PMP; Walter Majerowicz, PMP

2006: Mark Hustak, PMP; Lucille Sirois Donnelly, PMP; Paul Shaltry, PMP; David Ross, PMP

2005: Ricardo Viana Vargas, PMP; Tom Mochal, PMP; Barry Pai-Len Hsiung, PMP; Carol L. Wright, PMP

2004: Maragareth Carneiro, PMP; Stephen G. Harrison, PMP; Shay Shargal; Kazuo Shimizu, PMP

2003: Nigel Blampied, PrEng., PE, PMP; Scott B. Gill, MBA, PMP; Cornelius Kees Vonk, PMP

2002: Dr. David Hillson, PMP

2001: Dr. David I. Cleland, PMI Fellow; Dr. Jeffrey K. Pinto; Dr. Dennis P. Slevin

2000: William A. Moylan, PMP

1999: Wayne Abba; MaryGrace T. Allenchy, PMP; Sharon Sikes; Gregory G. Stine, PMP; Vijay Verma

1998: David C. Blackburn, PMP; Gerald W. Ostrander, PMP; Beth Partleton, PMP; Hiroshi Tanaka, PMP

1997: Kenneth O. Hartley, PMP, PMI Fellow; Adesh Jain, PMP; Paul D. Lustig, PMP; Jeffrey K. Pinto; Hans J. Thamhain; Karen R. White, PMP

1996: James D. Klanke, PMP; Saralee Newell, PMP; William S. Ruggles, PMP; Ahmet Taspinar, PMP

1995: James M. Gallagher, PMP; Lee R. Lambert, PMP; Lyle W. Lockwood, PMP; Wally Merrin; Chris Quaife, PMP

1994: Joel Koppelman; Pierre M. Mnard, Eng., MBA, PMP; Wayne L. Muzzy, PMP; Dan Ono, PMP

1993: Frederick A. Arnold, SE, PMI Fellow; David I. Cleland, PMI Fellow; J. Davidson Frame, Jr., PMP; Elvin D. Isgrig, PMI Fellow

1992: No Award Presented

1991: Richard W. Kimball; Ronald P.C. Waller, PMP, CEM, PMI Fellow; Rushton M. Williamson, Jr., PMP

1990: A.C. "Fred" Baker; Don Barrie; J. Gordon Davis, PMI Founder, PMI Fellow; Ashok "A.K." Kothari; Neville Long

1989: Randall L. Bakel, PMP; Harvey A. Levine; Patrice L. Murphy; Ozro West, PMP

1988: Dr. Roger B. Glaser, PMI Fellow; Dr. Stephen D. Owens

1987: Boyd Henderson; Frank Jenes; Vim Kochar; Christine A. Trautwein; Dr. Francis M. Webster, Jr., PMP, PMI Fellow

1986: Paul C. Dinsmore, PMP, PMI Fellow; Brian R. McConachy, P.Eng., PMP, PMI Fellow; Dr. Boyd C. Paulson Jr.; Dr. Mark A. Smith, PMP; James H. Witter

1985: Dr. Lewis R. Ireland, PMP, PMI Fellow; Martin Dean Martin, PMI Fellow; Janet R. Steelman; Walter Wawruck, PMP; R. Max Wideman, PMI Fellow

1984: Warren E. Allen, PMP; Terry L. Kinnear; Kenneth J. Romano; Allan J. Smith, Jr., PMP

1983: Dr. David I. Cleland, PMI Fellow; Dr. Desmond L. Cook; Brian Fletcher, PMI Fellow; Trent O. Meacham; James O'Brien, PMP, PMI Fellow

1982: Albert A. Badger, PMP; Charles Y. Lopinsky, PMP, PMI Fellow

1981: No Award Presented

1980: Dr. Linn Stuckenbruck, PMI Fellow