Leadership Institute

Learn, share, network…but most of all, get inspired with the Leadership Institute.

At PMI, we value our volunteers and want you to succeed and grow your leadership skills. That’s why we have created an extraordinary program to develop you as a leader: The Leadership Institute.

Through the Leadership Institute, you will find that the time investment you put into volunteering for PMI pays huge dividends.

Leadership Institute offerings are designed to both expand your network and provide you knowledge to develop as a leader in your PMI community and in your professional career.

Program Benefits

As an active volunteer leader at PMI, you can take advantage of numerous programs and activities, such as:

Leadership Institute Master Class: A year-long program that helps participants to hone the skills they already possess and provides the knowledge needed to become a more effective leader. The next class is currently in formation and the call for applications is closed. Information about the 2018 class will announced in early 2017.

Leadership Institute Meetings: Global face-to-face meetings where volunteer leaders collaborate in productive, curriculum-driven educational sessions. These meetings are open to volunteers who are currently in a leadership role (President, Vice President, etc.) within a PMI chapter.

Leadership Institute Region Meetings: Smaller-scale face-to-face meetings to support chapter leaders within their respective regions.

Leadership Institute Volunteer Planning Meeting: Annual planning and development meeting for our global Advisory Groups and Board Support Committees to interact, plan their programs for the year and provide valuable strategic input to the PMI Board of Directors.

PMI Learn: An online learning environment, available at no cost to our volunteers, to help you enhance your leadership skills. PMI's extensive course catalog consists of courses authored by SkillSoft and the Harvard Business Review. Send access inquiries or comments to pmilearn@pmi.org.

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These programs are designed to help you as a volunteer leader gain knowledge on how to best manage your community, utilize PMI tools and resources and develop your leadership skills. The growth you experience through Leadership Institute programs can help you in your career and your personal life.

For more information regarding Leadership Institute activities, please contact leadership.institute@pmi.org.