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  • Woman in glasses at computer

    5 Predictions for the Future of Project Management

    A group of project professionals looks at the factors that will shape and shift the future of project management.

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    Pro Tips: How to Communicate Urgent Requests to Stakeholders

    To get prompt and clear stakeholder responses, project professionals need strong communication, consistent engagement—and a backup plan.

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    Need to Know: Active Listening

    Sahar Kanani, PMP, explains how receiving information with intention can build trust and boost outcomes.

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    Coping with Talent Shortages

    A look at what’s driving continued talent shortages in project management with global expert Kevin Korterud who shares why organizations must prioritize training and enable PMOs.

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    Quick Hits: Igor Zdorovyak, PMP

    On the value of focus, showing empathy and relieving stress.


Project Spotlight

  • Sebastian Fischer | PMI project spotlights


    By zooming in from space, project leaders in Germany aim to reveal the unseen effects of climate change.