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    PM Stories

    Read the stories of four Ukrainian project managers determined to continue their project work and the U.S.-based entrepreneur who has collaborated with them for thirteen years.

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    ESG Resource Hub

    From defining processes to developing people skills, organizations are taking steps to make environmental, social and governance strategy a reality. Download the report to learn more.

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    Future 50

    Meet these rising leaders who are envisioning the future and making it a reality.

Digital Exclusives

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    Quick Hits: Thaís Carvalho-Gomes, PMP

    On the power of empathy, the value of planning and how to achieve work-life balance.

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    Pro Tips: Agile Revelations

    Here’s how project leaders have found new ways to turn iterative approaches into big project wins.

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    Become Your Own Project

    A rising project leader shares her professional development journey while energizing her company’s PMO.

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    Choosing the Right Scrum Training Path

    Lindsay Scott also shares tips for returning to a job after a long absence, going back to professional conferences and raising your LinkedIn game.

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    Four Ways to Hone Your Power Skills—and Advance Your Career

    Aspiring project leaders can reinforce their learning and seek leadership opportunities through mentors, self-assessments, volunteering and spreading the word.