This is a year to reset and resolve to move forward and meet the challenges that Global Megatrends 2022 presents. The last two years have been a reckoning of sorts for our failure to confront problems and design and implement solutions. But there is an opportunity to reimagine the path forward — one that is greener, more equitable and with benefits more widely distributed.   

We must be more mindful of the goals we set, the approaches we use to reach them and how the outcomes will affect all people around the world.       

For project professionals, this means drawing upon an entire toolkit of capabilities. Changemakers employ new ways of working, including technological savvy and technical project management skills, as well as power skills like communication and empathy. They need to understand the context of their projects within the macro environment and their organization's strategic goals. And they need to supercharge their creativity and innovative thinking — and that of everyone around them — to adapt to extraordinary circumstances and find extraordinary solutions. By doing so, we can make ideas a reality and solve the world's most pressing problems. 

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The future isn’t something you sit around waiting for. The future is the reality you decide to create.