In 2021 we learned there might not be a new normal, only the perpetual and accelerating pace of change. As PMI actively monitors the technological dynamics, demographic shifts and complexities of globalization that are reshaping our world, six megatrends stand out based on their impact and the implications for projects across the world.

  1. Digital Disruption 
  2. Climate Crisis
  3. Demographic Shifts
  4. Economic Shifts 
  5. Labor Shortages  
  6. Civil, Civic and Equality Movements

With COVID-19 and the threat of future pandemics, more will be required of us to meet the challenges of long-standing flaws and inequities that have been exposed, such as unequal vaccine distribution and supply chain turmoil. Even as we strive for balance in our interactions with the many worlds we move in — virtual and physical, personal and public — we must innovate to make a new and better reality.

While we embrace the benefits and acknowledge the risks of the all-encompassing digital era, we also recognize that people remain central as the true drivers of innovation. And as demographics and economic threats collide, technology can help alleviate worker shortages and jump-start sustainability initiatives, but it cannot replace people or individual action and collaboration. To perform at their best and remain and grow in their jobs, people want to be valued, nurtured, understood and treated equitably.

To meet these challenges, project professionals need more than technical skills. They need to adopt a strategic mindset to align projects to their organization’s goals and understand how their outcomes will affect and be affected by the daily progress of world events. They also need to supercharge their leadership and power skills, such as communication, empathy and fostering an innovative mindset, and help others do the same.

Since publishing last year’s Megatrends report, PMI has consulted the latest intelligence from industry leaders and conducted primary and secondary quantitative and qualitative research to help you navigate shifting global currents in 2022. In addition, we’ve called on experts and thought leaders from around the world to share their reflections to guide and inspire us. These project professionals and other changemakers embody the qualities needed to support real, positive change and help solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Global Megatrends 2022

  • PDF version available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

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