Achieving Greater Agility: The people and process drivers that accelerate results


Driving positive change? Agile transformation can help.

For a clearer picture of how agile transformation can drive positive change across an organization, PMI commissioned research by Forrester Consulting. Our resulting Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report on Achieving Greater Agility considers how an organization’s agility level contributes to successful outcomes―including the value that its projects deliver. Survey results reveal that:

  • All approaches to managing projects—whether predictive, hybrid or agile—lead to successful outcomes.
  • Both people and process factors drive greater agility.
  • Revenue growth is greater among highly agile organizations
  • Formal governance structures, such as a PMO, are valued.

These findings and more highlight that agility happens when organizations acknowledge the need for constant change―and resolve to actively enable it. They achieve agility with a balance of speed and flexibility, along with stability and scale. Equally important is a diverse toolkit, allowing them to choose the best approach to project delivery.

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