The Drivers of Agility: Engaging people and building processes to accelerate results


Transforming organizations, teams or even yourself can be challenging. No one-size-fits-all method can bring success.

In this companion piece to our Pulse of the Profession® in-depth report Achieving Greater Agility, we explore how a high level of agility is possible only when the right talent and processes drive it. Organizations must hire and train people who think creatively about how they work, build on existing good practices, encourage teams to embrace change, and enable them to work well together.

This report details specific people and process drivers that help organizations encourage and adapt to change. It shows how successful organizations adopt a mindset that changes behaviors and strengthens their ability to prioritize and apply project resources. Case studies document active change at Caterpillar, IBM and Cerner Corporation.

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Part of Pulse of the Profession®, Transforming the High Cost of Low Performance

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