• Visit Awards for more information.
    • Start the process early.
    • Designate an award team with a lead nominator who gathers all necessary information, completes the paperwork and submits it on time, and acts as a liaison between PMI and the team.
    • Review the application package carefully. If possible, request a person not connected with the submission review it for criteria and compliance.
    • Justify in the submission why you think your submission should receive the award.
    • Contact [email protected] with questions as early as possible.
  • Eligibility varies from award to award. Some awards require PMI membership, others do not. Please review each award description for details.

  • The purpose, eligibility, criteria and nomination procedures for each award appear here. Information also is available by contacting [email protected].

  • All applicants and/or nominees for PMI Professional Awards must sign and return the completed PMI Professional Awards Program Permissions and Release Document and include it with their nomination package.

    If you have additional questions about this form, contact [email protected].

  • There is no application fee to apply for any of the PMI Awards.

  • Evaluators vary by award. All evaluators are PMI volunteers who are experienced practitioners who have successfully demonstrated project management expertise. Many volunteer evaluator positions are posted in January through PMI’s Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).

  • The PMI Professional Awards are presented at the PMI Global Summit in the fourth quarter.

  • The program is administered by the PMI Brand Department.

  • Contact PMI at [email protected] or visit Awards for more information.

Looking for a different PMI Professional Award than the ones listed?

The PMI Continuing Professional Education Product of the Year Award and PMI Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award were retired at the end of 2017.

PMI.org/Awards is up-to-date with the list of professional awards that are currently offered.