Achieving Greater Agility


See how people, process, and culture impact the quest for greater agility.

New technology, market shifts, social change, heightened competition…these are just some of the disruptions facing organizations today. To reach their goals, organizations must achieve greater agility—quickly sense and adapt to external and internal changes to deliver results productively and cost-effectively.

How does agile transformation drive positive change in businesses operations and project delivery? We took a look at the people, process, and cultural drivers of agility. And there is significant evidence that all project management approaches—whether predictive, agile, or hybrid—support agility.

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    The Vital Role of Culture and Commitment

    By KPMG By establishing a formal agile transformation program, focusing on people, transforming in waves and monitoring, organizations can achieve organizational agility.

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    The Essential Influence of the C-Suite

    By PMI, in collaboration with Forbes Insights How is the C-suite driving greater agility? The report recommends these steps to a successful transformation.

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    The Critical Need for Cross-Functional Support

    By PMI As organizations undertake agile transformation, evolving how lines of business collaborate is essential.

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    Deliver Projects Better with any Approach

    By PMI Agility remains a growing force in how organizations execute their initiatives. They achieve it by focusing on people, process, and culture. A one-size-fits-all approach isn't always best.

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    A Spectrum of Approaches

    By PMI The quest for success starts with the right approach to support project delivery. Project characteristics and organizational needs should be the basis of selecting an approach.

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    A NextPert Perspective

    By PMI Next-generation project leaders envision a customer-focused agile state.