Benefits Realization Management


Ensure your projects create and sustain lasting value.

Organizations are leaving their strategy to chance when they do not focus on benefits realization management (BRM)® as a central part of project and program management.

Our Thought Leadership Series, written in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), examines the practice of BRM related to strategy implementation. It also explores how organizations realize the business benefits to fulfill strategic priorities and objectives and looks at the specific roles and responsibilities of BRM. An additional report provides a framework of questions and good practices for organizations to use when implementing BRM.

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    Connecting Business Strategy and Project Management

    By The Boston Consulting Group Benefits realization management (BRM) is a powerful approach to help align projects, programs and portfolios to the company’s overarching strategy. While many companies have BRM processes in place,…

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    Strengthening Benefits Awareness in the C-Suite

    By The Economist Intelligence Unit Definitions of success vary. But for strategy implementation, high rates of failure — by any measure — are a constant. Only 61 percent of projects key to putting strategy in place yielded the…

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    Establishing Benefits Ownership and Accountability

    By PMI How do organizations realize the business benefits from major projects they undertake to fulfill their strategic priorities? We surveyed business professionals who are accountable for realizing the…

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    Benefits Realization Management Framework

    By PMI Our Pulse of the Profession® and Thought Leadership Series research pinpoints benefits realization management (BRM) as a priority for organizations. We define BRM as the processes and practices…

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    Benefits Thinking Movement

    By PMI Our NextPerts — project professionals who are rising stars — recommend ways to develop a benefits realization movement at your organization.