Board of Directors

PMI is governed by a Board comprised of member-elected directors who serve three-year terms. The Board Chair serves as an Elected Officer of the Board per the PMI Bylaws.

The collective wisdom, experience, diversity and passion of the Board ultimately sets and executes our core ideology, purpose and values — the enduring principles that guide us — our essential reasons for being. The Board and its volunteers drive our vitality and relevance.

In February 2018, after much consideration and discussion, the Board of Directors approved a resolution to reduce its size from 15 to 12, keeping within the 12-18 size prescribed in the Bylaws Article VI. Research shows a trend toward smaller boards because they offer more efficient oversight of management, improved and focused interaction among directors, and agility. Beginning with this election and completing with the election for the 2020 Board, the transition to 12 will be implemented with four candidates elected from each year’s ballot.

Board Nominations and Election

The election period for open positions on the 2020-2022 PMI Board is between 15 July and 26 August 2019.

Check your email during the election period for your personalized electronic ballot.

More Information about PMI Board Nominations and Election Process.

Speaking Engagements

Invite PMI directors or executives to speak at your event.

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